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We gon' rock this field, We gon' go all night, We gon' light it up like it's DYNAMITE!

Holiday practice schedule

12/16 - practice is cancelled tonight due to rain.

12/18 - practice scheduled weather permitted 
12/23 - practice scheduled 
12/30 - Practice Scheduled
Mayors Cup 01/03 & 01/04
Team Party 01/10 more information TBA
We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!!!
Tournament cancelled!!!!

From the coach to the Girls

Attn all Players:

First off , I've missed you girls this week! I had my teeth pulled and had to take care of my Mother(but she is doing much better now).

More importantly, I want each of you to think about the commitment you have made to the team. All of you have made sacrifices and worked very hard.  We all know that we are up against a tough challenge tomorrow, an undefeated team. I have watched them play and I want you know  "we can beat them"  in order for that to happen all of us have to give, execute, & perform at our best in order to give %100 we all need a good nights rest along with a good meal to prepare for tomorrow's match. We have to be at the field extremely early (7:00am). I want each of you to remember all of this, make the sacrifice GO TO BED EARLY! I suggest skipping Friday Night Skills Night because we have 2 early games this weekend. This will take a team effort and contributions from everyone. Let's do this girls! Lets be the first team to beat Downey FC!. I know you can do it!


                               Coach Middough 

Practice 09/30 has moved to Heartwell

Bancroft closed due to Back to School Night, we have moved practice to Heartwell next to duck Pond on residential side. Same place we have practice in the past.

Cal State Long Beach vs Cal Poly 10/03

  • Long Beach vs Cal Poly 
  • pregame pizza party @ 5
  • Game starts @ 6
  • $3 per ticket
  • The girls will get posters, halftime scrimmage and get to shag balls.  GO CSULB. 
  • Each year the girls have improved their game after viewing CSULB Women's soccer games. Some have found new touch on the ball, others found a voice none of us new they had, and some just became more dedicated. We hope they all can make it!

Picture Day

Picture Day is October 11th Please mark your calanders. Pictures are 2:00 Please arrive by 1:20. The girls will wear their Blue uniforms. Order forms will be passed out at practice next week each girl must have a completed form at picture day.    

The CSL 2014 Handbook 

We will hand out The Coast Soccer League 2014 Handbook on Tuesday and Thursday of next week. Please make sure you get one. 

You may also download the app to get access to the schedule and STATS! 


Schedules and Questions

I want to start by saying I apologize I have been a little disorganized the past few weeks, I have jumped a hurtle and will be able to shift more time towards the team and we should be running smooth from here on out.  The following are some items I would like to bring to your attention.

  • We will be having a Seal Beach practice on Saturday I know this is news to some of you and this is completely my fault I thought I posted this when I posted the Signal Hill Workout. I hope your girl can make it and again I apologize.
  • Practice will be at Bancroft starting next week, Our home games will be at  Marshall.  
  • Our team pool party and potluck will be after our first game on 09/06 at the Martin's house you can go straight from the game to their house. Please bring drinks or chips. An evite will go out to everyone tomorrow with more info. 
  •  Uniforms are in the works and have been a struggle for most of the new teams especially the teams with smaller players. We have ordered uniforms from another vendor and they should be here by Tuesday. I will still have to take the uniforms to Soccer Central and have the logo and numbers put on. Fingers crossed they are ready to go by Thursday and I will hand them out at Thursdays practice. I will keep you posted on the progress of the uniforms.
  • We are also working with Long Beach State Girls Soccer to have our team attend the Long Beach State vs Cal Poly Game on Friday 10/03 @ 6:00. We have done this in the past and it's tons of fun our girls will get to scrimmage on the field during halftime and may get some cool Long Beach state posters or gear. 
  • Friday Night Skills Night begins 9/05 6:00-7:50 at St Anthony's this is a new location they just sent an email yesterday noting the change. 

Chivas Game 08/31/2014

StubHub Center
Please be there at 3 for the pre game field walk on, only the girls from the team will get to participate in this. 
Please wear your red FCLB shirt


Thank you so much for your hard work and efforts at FCLB Invitational because our team did such a brilliant job at the tournament we were awarded a $500 credit towards our team fees to FCLB.  Great job!!!!!  This will come in handy for or tournament or maybe even backpacks.

Tournament scheduled the week of 08/23 has been canceled due to a number of players being on vacation that weekend. We will schedule a training on that day instead, for the players who will be here.

Coach will be adding some extra training and conditioning to the schedule so please be on the lookout for those additions to our schedule. 

By now all of you should be receiving emails and text from me, if this is not true for you please let me know so we can update your information.

Team Information

Communication is important for a team. My goal is always to get our team schedule, activities and updates to you as soon as possible.  The schedule is usually published to our team from the league the same week the season begins, I will check everyday to see if it has been published so I can post it on our site.

How will you get information regarding the team?

The website is the hub of our team information. I created the website a couple of years ago because of complaints about not getting flyers or emails, it is a general reference point. My goal this season is to update it on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  I want to keep a constant stream of information on the site, if you find an interesting article or if you have pictures please send them to me and I will gladly post them. You can have your girls join too. 

Emails are sent from the site as an email blast so if you have not registered for the site you may miss an email. Point being please register for the site. I send emails when there has been an update to the site regarding scheduling or information that is needed for the day or week ect. I will not send an email blast every time an updated is made to the site. So please check it weekly! Especially if you missed practice, and may have missed an update from Coach Josh. 

Text messages are sent out for last minute changes or information that is needed at moments notice. Occasionally I sent them when there was an update to the site but I will not do so after this week. 

It is super important to me that everyone be on the same page!

Looking for Help

I am looking for an Equipment and Fields Manager duties include but are not limited to field set up and take down before and after practice. You can recruit people to help you. Coach Josh gets to the field early every practice day and sets up the field and he usually gets some help but he could benefit from someone taking charge of this so he can focus on training the girls. 

Please send me an email or a text if it sounds like this is a job you are willing to take on?

Did I hear you ask for extra training?

Friday Night Skills Night

Sponsored by FC Long Beach 

6:00 & 7:30 at St Anthony's  4832 Clark Ave, Long Beach, CA 90808

Starting September 5

"4832 Clark Ave, Long Beach, CA 90808

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